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March 11, 2015

HorizonScroll-js | A jQuery plugin to scroll screen left and right horizontally.

HorizonScroll-js is a jQuery plugin that allows for websites to scroll left and right horizontally.

Created by Anthony Graglia



horizonScroll-js jQuery plugin

left and right

jquery.horizonScroll.js - Horizontal Scrolling (Paging) Websites

This is a jQuery plugin which allows for websites to page(scroll by set width) left and right horizontally. Horizontal scroll sites offer a new and unique way to develope sites! Check it out and give feedback! THX


Click here for the demo


Initial usage. All elements specified by the selector become a page.


If you do not want to use jquery.swipeTouch.js for swipe left and right:

$('selector').horizon({swipe: false});

Additional plugin options and their default values:

$.fn.horizon.defaults = {
    scrollTimeout: null,
    scrollEndDelay: 250,
    scrollDuration: 400,
    i: 0,
    limit: 0,
    docWidth: 0,
    sections: null,
    swipe: true,
    fnCallback: function (i) {}

You can invoke a left page scroll, right page scroll or page scroll to a page index. This helps if you would like to bind to additional elements on the page. The selector here is ignored.


// As of 1.1.0, i can be an integer with or without quotes in order to scroll to an index.
// Or i can be a string of an element id to scroll to.
$(document).horizon('scrollTo', i); 


1.1.0: - Added support for element IDs using scrollTo() - Added support for animating the scroll to a section via hash links - Updated sample index.html - Updated readme

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horizonScroll-js jQuery plugin

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