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Impulse Slider

October 6, 2013

Impulse Slider | A Pentagonal jQuery 3D Slider

Impulse Slider is a jQuery 3D SLider with support for many sorts of prism shapes: triangular, rectangular (or cubic), pentagonal and hexagonal prism are now supported and in theory, any number of faces are supported. To make the used of the plugin easier, the following parameters were introduced: depth, perspective, images, imageDivClasses, degreesRotation.

Example Code

height: 150,
width: 200,
depth: 170,
perspective: 500,
pauseTime: 1500,
transitionDuration: 1000,
transitionEffect: "ease-in-out",
autostart: true,
rightSelector: ".right",
leftSelector: ".left",
pauseSelector: ".pause",
directionRight: true,
containerSelector: "#slider-container",
spinnerSelector: "#slider"

Created by Paulo Nunes



Impulse Slider jquery plugin

3D hexagonal

Impulse Slider

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Impulse Slider jquery plugin

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