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Lean Slider

October 31, 2012

Lean Slider | Progressively enhanced jquery slider plugin

The Lean Slider is a simple jQuery image slider built on the principles of Progressive Enhancement. Unlike other sliders it does not provide any styling or fancy transition effects. It simply provides a javascript framework (slideshow functionality, navigation controls, callback functions etc.) for you to build a slider on top of.

The idea is that you provide your own styling and transition styles in the form of CSS styles and transitions. will require a solid knowledge of up-to-date web development practices to make the Lean Slider look good.
The Lean Slider provides a responsive, flexible, extensible and future proof image slider for serious web developers.
This jquery plugin Works in all major browsers including IE9+. Requires jQuery v1.8.

Created by Gilbert Pellegrom



lean slider jquery plugin

A lean and progressive jquery slider

Lean Slider

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lean slider jquery plugin

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