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Maskify Slider

April 17, 2013

Maskify Slider | jQuery plugin to create slider with image mask

MaskifySlider is an extremely simple jQuery plugin which enables you to create an image slider with the effect of an image mask. The plugin will automically offset the images position according to the spacing between their placeholders, giving the impression that it’s only one masked image.

If you don’t specify any margin, the placeholders will be close together, creating the effect of a gallery grid.
You simply pass in the set of images you want to display, and the set of placeholders to display the images in. These can be far apart of close together.
This jquery plugin supports both ways of transitions: CSS3 and JS. By default it will use CSS3, so make sure to include the keyframes animations provided in the CSS files which accompany this project.

Created by Ricardo Magalhaes



Maskify Slider jquery plugin

Image slider with mask

Maskify Slider

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Maskify Slider jquery plugin

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