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November 15, 2012

Baraja | jQuery plugin for items in card-like fashion

Baraja is an experimental and fun jQuery plugin that allows to move elements in a card-like fashion and spread them like one would spread a deck of cards on a table. It uses CSS transforms for rotating and translating the items. There are several options available that will create various spreading possibilities of the items, for example, moving the items laterally or rotating them in a fan-like way.Several parameters allow many different spreading results, allowing a unique pattern.

Example Code {
speed : 500,
easing : 'ease-out',
range : 90,
direction : 'right',
origin : { x : 25, y : 100 },
center : true,
translation : 0
} );

Created by Pedro Botelho



baraja jquery plugin

Spread Items like a card-like fashion


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