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Animated Table Sorter

March 6, 2013

Animated Table Sorter jquery plugin

jQuery Animated Table Sorter is a simple html table sorter, with the added benefit of animating the sorting operation.
The most important setting needed in order for this jquery plugin to sort correctly is the sortBy setting. You can either define it in your javascript when initiating the plugin, define it in your table html markup, or not define it at all and have the plugin guess the correct setting. The three options for this setting are:

Example Code :-

$('table.tableSorter').tableSort( {
sortBy: ['numeric', 'text', 'text', 'numeric', 'numeric', 'numeric']
} );

Created by Matan hershberg



Animated Table Sorter

Table sorter jquery plugin

Animated Table Sorter

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Animated Table Sorter

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