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September 26, 2012

Equalize-js | jQuery plugin to equalize heights and widths of elements

Equalize-js is a jquery plugin that allows you to equalizing the height or width of elements .
Call the plugin on the parent of the elements to equalize their height.Equalize will accept any of the jQuery Dimension methods: height, outerHeight, innerHeight, width, outerWidth, innerWidth.
Equalize.js will now accept a settings object to get the “minimum max dimension”. By setting reset to true the height/width will be removed before determining the max. See the advanced example below.

$('.parent').equalize({reset: true}); // default to height
$('.parent').equalize({equalize: 'width', reset: true});

This advanced usage is for dynamic instances where equalize is ran after elements are added or removed to maintain minimum max height or width.
Created by Tim Svensen



equalize-js jquery plugin

jQuery plugin to equalize heights and widths


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equalize-js jquery plugin

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