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August 17, 2012

Filer-js | Library for the HTML5 filesystem API

Filer-js is a well-tested wrapper javascript library for the HTML5 Filesystem API, an API which enables web applications to read and write files and folders to its own sandboxed filesystem.

Unlike other wrapper libraries [1, 2], filer.js takes a different approach by reusing familiar UNIX commands (cp, mv, ls) for its API. The goal is to make the HTML5 API more approachable for developers that have done file I/O in other languages.The underlying Filesystem API is asynchronous, therefore, the library calls are mostly asynchronous. This means you’ll be passing callbacks all over the place.Many methods take an optional error callback as their last argument. It can be a good idea to setup a global error handler for all methods to use.
Created by Eric Bidelman



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