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November 26, 2012

Pronto | A jQuery plugin for faster page loads.

Pronto is A jQuery plugin for faster page loads that is built on concepts like pjax and TurboLinks.Pronto is a simple way to harness the speed increases that HTML5’s pushState() can provide on nearly any site imaginable.
Using a “partial page load” technique, this jquery plugin reduces the over all server load and font-end render time by only updating pieces of a page instead of the entire document. On many sites, basic layout like the header and footer remain generally the same page to page. The overall browsing experience gets a little shot of caffine by only requesting these pieces of markup once, as well as assets like stylesheets, scripts or fonts.

Pronto is a new way of thinking about assembling a site and may not make sense at first. But don’t worry, the small amount of initial setup is well worth the pay off durring the browsing experience. If you’re clicking around this site in a browser with HTML5 support, you should notice minimal page flash and quick page loads. Or, check out the console to monitor the Pronto calls and responses when navigating.
This jquery plugin also includes basic hooks into the Google Analytics javascript API and will push page views as users navigate.

Created by Ben Plum


Pronto jquery plugin

plugin for faster page loads.


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