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July 15, 2015

TabTab-js | A easy-to-use animated tabs plugin for jQuery.

TabTab-js is a simple, Accessible, 60+fps, easy-to-use animated tabs plugin for jQuery.

Created by Gijs Rogé



TabTab-js jQuery plugin


tabMenu: '.tabs__menu', // direct container of the tab menu items
tabContent: '.tabs__content', // direct container of the tab content items
next: '.tabs-controls__next', // next slide trigger
prev: '.tabs-controls__prev', // previous slide trigger

startSlide: 1, // starting slide on pageload
arrows: true, // keyboard arrow navigation
dynamicHeight: true, // if true the height will dynamic and animated.
useAnimations: true, // disables animations.

easing: 'ease', //
speed: 350, // animation speed
slideDelay: 0, // delay the animation
perspective: 1200, // set 3D perspective
transformOrigin: 'center top', // set the center point of the 3d animation
perspectiveOrigin: '50% 50%', // camera angle

translateY: 0, // animate along the Y axis (val: px or ‘slide’)
translateX: 0, // animate along the X axis (val: px or ‘slide’)
scale: 1, // animate scale (val: 0-2)
rotateX: 90, // animate rotation (val: 0deg-360deg)
rotateY: 0, // animate Y acces rotation (val: 0deg-360deg)
skewY: 0, // animate Y skew (val: 0deg-360deg)
skewX: 0, // animate X skew (val: 0deg-360deg)


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To install using Bower
bower install tabtab.js

TabTab-js jQuery plugin

jQuery plugin

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