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August 3, 2015

Tapatar | jQuery plugin to easily select avatar

Tapatar is a lightweight, extensible jQuery plugin, that lets users pick an avatar from a social network, disk, or other source. By default, Gravatar, Local and Facebook sources are included. Tapatar has been built to make it very easy to add additional sources.


Property Type Description
sources object Each object key represents a source
sources.sourceName object Each object key represents a source
sources.sourceName.enabled boolean Wheter or not this source is enabled
sources.sourceName.order int The position at which this source will be showed in the picker
image_url_prefix string The path to the folder that contains the images for Tapatar. Default: ‘img/’
default_image string|function Either a path, or a function returning a path to the default image.
templates object An object containing the templates for the widget, overlay, picker and source. See source for more info

Example Code:

sources: {
gravatar: {
email: ''
facebook: {
appId: 1657455811156921

Created by Tapfiliate


Tapatar jQuery plugin

Avatar selection


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