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November 14, 2012

Volley | jQuery plugin for dividing elements in rows/columns

Volley is a jQuery plugin for dividing elements into rows/columns based on their visual position.
This jQuery plugin divides items into arrays representing rows in requested direction based on a passed starting point.

This jQuery plugin can also filter items only visible within certain container, which can be any element in page, including window. To illustrate this, try adding a within element and than running any animations.

In this case volley will return array with columns of items from left to right –
$('ul.volley > li')v.olley('left');

Below example returns diagonal rows starting at the left top corner.

$('ul.volley > li')v.olley('left-top');

You can also Filter items based on their visibility within another element.

Created by Tomas Sardyha



Volley jQuery plugin

jQuery plugin for dividing elements based on their position


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