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June 12, 2013

Birdseye | jQuery plugin for moving map search

Birdseye is a jQuery Plugin for moving-map search, like on Yelp or Airbnb built with jQuery and Leaflet.
jQuery Birdseye is a plugin for replicating the “search in map” functionality of Yelp/Airbnb/Google using the API of your choosing.
The options are :-

  • loading_indicator: Show animated loading bar while waiting for results.
  • initial_coordinates: Initial map lat/lng.
  • initial_zoom: Intial map zoom.
  • tile_layer: Leaflet tile layer.
  • request_uri: URI of the API we'll be searching.
  • request_geo_params:The basic geographical parameters we'll be tacking onto each request.
  • Created by Adam Becker



    Birdseye jquery plugin

    map search


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