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April 13, 2015

Embed-js | A jQuery plugin to embed emoticons, media and services.

Embed-js is a jQuery plugin for converting text emojis into image-based emoticons, also supporting an automatic media embedding system for multimedia URLs.

Created by Ritesh Kumar




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A JavaScript plugin that analyses the string and automatically embeds the supported emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and services.

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To install the stable version:

npm install --save embed-js


Simple Usage

Let's assume that the HTML structure is as written below

<div id="element">
   <!--===== your string here =======-->

Creating an instance of embed.js

var x = new EmbedJS({
  input: document.getElementById('element'),
  googleAuthKey : 'xxxx'

Next step is replacing the original text with the processed text.

//Render the result

There may be cases where you just want the processed string to use it according to your need. You can get it by the following method.

//Get the resulting string
  console.log(data); //The resultant string

If you wan't to destroy the instance. It will also replace the processed string with the original string.

//Destroy the instance

Adding custom emojis

  1. Add the image to assets/images/emojis. Make sure the name of the file is same as emoji name.
  2. Pass the emoji name as the value to customEmoji. See the example here
  3. Run grunt build-emoji && grunt build


  1. Fork the repo
  2. clone the repo then cd embed.js
  3. create a new branch
  4. Make sure ruby and sass are installed on your system.
  5. Then npm install && npm i -g rollup && npm i -g grunt-cli
  6. grunt : this will start the grunt server and open a demo page.
  7. Create a PR

Note: This projects adheres to a Code of Conduct.

grunt tasks

  1. grunt : starts development server and watches files for changes. Run this for development purpose.
  2. grunt dist : create dist directory with all the different build files
  3. grunt build-emoji : create spritesheet from all the emojis. Only run if you have made some changes related to emojis


MIT © Ritesh Kumar


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To install using Bower
bower install embed-js


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