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Grid Manager

August 15, 2014

Grid Manager | A visual rows and grid builder with built-in editor

Grid Manager is a jQuery plugin that is a way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions.It also works with Bootstrap 3.x, TinyMCE or CKEditor.

Created by Tom King



Grid Manager jQuery plugin

rows and grids

jQuery GridManager

A way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions; requires jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3.x, optional TinyMCE/CKeditor


What is it?

Gridmanager allows you to create, reorder, update & delete rows and columns in grid layouts used by frameworks such as Bootstrap 3.x or Foundation 5.x

You can:


See GitHub Pages for all docs + demos

Now available via bower:

bower install gridmanager.js


Released under the MIT licence. Go wild.


Tom King Percy D Brea

Grid Manager

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To install using Bower
bower install gridmanager.js

Grid Manager jQuery plugin

jQuery plugin

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