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January 16, 2014

Kalendar — the calendar jQuery plugin.

Kalendar is a jQuery plugin to create a Calednar and offers a lot more features and much easier customization. The most dominant new features are events over several days and Google Calendar support.

Some of its features are :-

Example Code :-


// Events are objects, placed inside of an array
events: [
title: "Title of event",
start: {
date: YYYYMMDD or "YYYYMMDD", // "20131230"
time: "HH.MM" // "12.00"
end: {
date: YYYYMMDD or "YYYYMMDD", // "20131230"
time: "HH.MM" // "20.00"
location: "Location", // "London"

// Currently available colors are: red, blue, green, yellow. Red is the default.
color: "blue",

// Default is Monday, but any day of the week is applicable.
firstDayOfWeek: "Sunday",

// Google Calendar reference are objects, place inside of an array to support multiple calendars.
// If you are unsure how to get an API-key visit:
// If you are unsure how to get your calendar visit:
googleCal: [{
calendar: "calendarID",
apikey: "APIkey"
calendar: "calendarID",
apikey: "APIkey"

// Any name is possible, but note that not all names might fit in the UI

monthHuman: [["JAN","January"],["FEB","February"], etc... ],

// Regarding name lengths same applies here

dayHuman: [["S","Sunday"],["M","Monday"], etc... ],


Created by eric wenn



Kalendar jquery plugin



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