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April 1, 2013

Quail | jQuery plugin for accessibility guidelines

Quail is a jQuery plugin for checking content against accessibility guidelines. It provides a flexible way to test for certain problems (say, images missing an alt text) and a collection of over 200 tests to get you started. Defining your own tests is easy, and you can pick-and-choose tests to focus on the needs of your own app.
At the core of QUAIL are tests. Tests search for a single type of accessibility problem, and they are all defined in the file src/resources/tests.json. For example, one of the most common accessibility problems out there is an image missing an alt attribute (which allows users with screen readers to hear a description of the image).
Guidelines are simply a collection of tests. QUAIL comes with US Section 508 and WCAG guideline files in src/resources/guidelines.

Example Code :

$('#content').quail({ jsonPath : 'src/resources',
guideline : 'wcag2a',
accessibilityTests : accessibilityTests,
testFailed : function(event) { ... },
complete : function(event) { ... },

Created by Kevin Miller



Quail jquery plugin

Accessibility information library


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