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August 24, 2012

TaffyDB | The Javascript Database

TaffyDB is An opensouce javascript library that brings database features into your JavaScript applications.
How you ever noticed how JavaScript object literals look a lot like records? And that if you wrap a group of them up in an array you have something that looks a lot like a database table? TaffyDB is a libary to bring powerful database funtionality to that concept and rapidly improve the way you work with data inside of JavaScript.
Its powerful features include:
Small file size, extremely fast queries
Powerful JavaScript centric data selection engine
Database inspired features such as count, update, and insert
Robust cross browser support
Easily extended with your own functions
Compatible with any DOM library (jQuery, YUI, Dojo, etc)
Compatible with Server Side JS

Create a Database

// Create DB and fill it with records
var friends = TAFFY([
{"id":1,"gender":"M","first":"John","last":"Smith","city":"Seattle, WA","status":"Active"},
{"id":2,"gender":"F","first":"Kelly","last":"Ruth","city":"Dallas, TX","status":"Active"},
{"id":3,"gender":"M","first":"Jeff","last":"Stevenson","city":"Washington, D.C.","status":"Active"},
{"id":4,"gender":"F","first":"Jennifer","last":"Gill","city":"Seattle, WA","status":"Active"}

Created by Ian Smith



taffyDb - javascript database

taffyDb – The Javascript Database


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taffyDb - javascript database

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