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July 13, 2013

Trip-js | Create flexible website tutorial trips easily.

Trip-js is a jQuery plugin that can help you customize a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities.
It supports key bindings.

  1. tripIndex : You can set tripIndex ( start from 0 ) to specific trip block at start.
  2. tripTheme : You can set which theme to use, now have white and black two themes.
  3. backToTopWhenEnded : You can ask Trip.js go back to top when ended.
  4. overlayZindex : You can set the basic zIndex for overlay if you want to expose elements.
  5. enableKeyBinding : You can decide to bind key events for trip navigations or not.
  6. prevLabel : Label for the previous button.
  7. nextLabel : Label for the next button.
  8. finishLabel : Label for the finish button.
  9. canGoPrev
    Determines if the user can go backwards. If set to a function
    it is called and the response is evaluated.

Created by EragonJ



Trip-js jquery plugin

website tutorial


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Trip-js jquery plugin

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