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November 19, 2013

Anchorific | jQuery plugin to create scrollspy navigation

Anchorific automatically generates anchored headings and nested navigations based on header tags. It is baked with a simple Scrollspy implementation and a back-to-top functionality. Anchored links ( # ) and the nested navigation on the left is generated automatically by Anchorific.js.

This is useful for single-page project documentations with anchored headings and anchored-based navigations to jump from one section to another as it is repetitive to create the anchored headings and anchored-based navigations manually.

Example Code :-

navigation: '.anchorific', // position of navigation
speed: 200, // speed of sliding back to top
anchorClass: 'anchor', // class of anchor links
anchorText: '#', // prepended or appended to anchor headings
top: '.top', // back to top button or link class
spy: true, // scroll spy
position: 'append' // position of anchor text

Created by Ren Aysha



Anchorific jquery plugin



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