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April 30, 2013

DoubleTapToGo| jQuery plugin for Touch-friendly drop-down navigation

DoubleTapToGo is a jQuery plugin that helps you create usable multi-level dropdowns which are touch-friendly and responsive.
When you tap the parent item for the first time, DoubleTapToGo prevents the browser from opening a new URL but allows that if tapped once again in succession. If there is an intermediate tap(s) between the first one and the second the counter resets.This jquery plugin allows you to use hyperlinks on parental anchors and open them with a double-tap (which is a native act on touch devices), also to close the drop-downs by tapping anywhere outside them to avoid flashing and other huge usability faults .It is superlightweight only 550 bytes.

Created by Osvaldas Valutis



DoubleTapToGo jquery plugin

Touch-friendly dropdowns


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