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Flexible Nav

July 4, 2012

Flexible Nav | jQuery plugin to add Smart navigation

Flexible Nav is a small jQuery library which add a smart navigation bar on the right of the page. It improves a web page navigation and helps to visualize different sections of a document, an article,.. any web page.In this jquery plugin ,Nav links are distributed proportionally to the page sections.
The library can generate for you the nav sidebar content providing elements to display in navigation.
By default, it uses h1 to h3 elements to retrieve and locate the different sections of a document but you can override these elements selector.
Example Code
var nav = new FlexibleNavMaker().make().prependTo('body');
new FlexibleNav(nav);

Created by Renaudeau Gaetan.(Size=6.6 Kb)



flexible nav jquery plugin

Flexible Nav is a jQuery plugin which add a smart navigation bar on the right of the page

Flexible Nav

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