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May 10, 2014

hover-dropdown | jQuery plugin for interactive drop-down list box.

hover-dropdown is a jQuery plugin that provides interactive drop-down list box with support for text-boxes and checkboxes.

Features :-

Example Code :

title: 'Example',
items: {
"Item A": {
color: "#e74c3c",
inputType: "text",
inputChecked: true,
inputPlaceholder: "Example input"
footer: {
label: "+ New Item",
onLabelClick: function(key, item){
item.checked( !item.checked() );
onChange: function(key, item, value){
window.alert("onChange: " + key + " - " + value );

Created by Masanori Ohgita



hover-dropdown jQuery plugin

interactive dropdowns


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hover-dropdown jQuery plugin

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