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July 1, 2012

Roundrr | jQuery plugin to create circular image gallery

Roundrr is a jquery plugin to create a Circular image gallery using jquery and css3.
Much like any other image gallery plugin, Roundrr works with normal lists of images and transforms them accordingly. It supports two modes which you can use depending on what you want to do – for most people the ‘standard’ mode should be fine but if you want to use ‘pick’ mode instead (see below) you can also take advantage of that.

To keep Roundrr compact, it encourages the idea of extending functionality through your front-end code using the events model. What this means is that Roundrr will provide you with the ability to plot, and animate in either direction your wheel/circle of images but more custom interaction features (such as displaying a larger image of a thumbnail in the center of the screen or displaying a tweet relevant to the thumbnail) are done outside of the plugin. This allows it to be relatively customizable.
Created by Addy Osmani



Circular image gallery using jquery and css3


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