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The Wall

August 1, 2014

The Wall | A jQuery plugin to create an google image search gallery

The Wall is a jQuery plugin could be used to create easily an image gallery similar to the google image search.

Example Code :-

// Callbacks API
onBeforeInit: null,
onReady: null,
onViewPortUpdate: null,
onItemChange: null,
onDestroy: null,
onShow: null,
onHide: null,
onContentLoading: null,
onContentLoaded: null,
margin: {
top: 10,
bottom: 10
scrollerElm: null,
scrollOffset: 150,
// settings
arrows: true,
closebutton: true,
keyboardNavigation: true,
animationSpeed: 300,
autoscroll: true,
responsive: true,
initialWrapperHeight: 600,
dynamicHeight: true,
nextButtonClass: '',
prevButtonClass: '',
closeButtonClass: ''

Created by Gold Interactive



The Wall jQuery plugin

image gallery

The Wall

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