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December 30, 2013

qpScroll(Quick Parallax Scroll) is a jQuery plugin for putting together a simple parallax background for a page, all using css background-images.
qpScroll is a jQuery plugin that creates a parallax background for any page or div. It is super simple to setup. It can be added to any existing page without the need to change the HTML mark up.
It only has got the following options :-

Example Code :-

imagesFolder: 'images/parallax’,//folder where the images are kept
imagesArray: [ '1.jpg','2.jpg', '3.jpg', '4.jpg', '5.jpg', '6.jpg', '7.jpg' ],
firstSpeed: 5,//first image scrolls 5 times slower than the page.
neighbourRatio: 1.1,//each image scrolls 1.1 times (or 10%) faster than the image before it
offset: 0,//in pixels, how much should each image cover the one before it.

Created by oofaish



qpScroll jquery pugin

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