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August 24, 2012

Rekapi | Keyframe Animation library

Rekapi is a helpful javascript library for making beautiful <canvas> and DOM animations. This library is also a powerful tool for building animation apps.
Rekapi can also export your DOM animations to CSS3 @keyframes for enhanced performance and The JavaScript thread is freed from performing animation updates, resulting in more resources for other logic. If you don’t want to deal with timelines and tweening yourself, Rekapi is the library for you! Rekapi depends on Underscore.js and Shifty.js.
A Rekapi animation is structured into a Model and Views, with Controller methods to manage the playback.
Keyframing is an animation technique for defining states at specific points in time. Animations are always rendered as frames to the screen, and keyframing allows you to define the key points at which the motion in the animation changes – all of the frames that exist between those points are interpolated for you. It is a powerful way to construct a complex animation.

Created by Jeremy Kahn



Rekapi javascript library

Keyframe animation library


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Rekapi javascript library

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