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August 23, 2012

Shifty-js | tweening engine built in JavaScript

Shifty-js is a tweening engine built in JavaScript designed to fit any number of tweening needs.Its main Features include speed – Shifty is optimized for performance.It also Works well as the base function in a prototype chain.

Shifty is also an excellent animation solution for scenarios in which jQuery’s animate() function is either unavailable or insufficient.It is particularly effective for creating canvas animations. A common use for Shifty is generating the steps of a Tween.Using Shifty in this way would also be very useful in a non-browser environment such as Node.js.
Shifty is a low-level library meant to be encapsulated by higher-level tools. At the most basic level.
For More functionality shifty can be extended by :-

shifty.color.js: Color tweening (RGB/Hex strings).
shifty.css_units.js: CSS Unit strings (“px”, “em”, “%”, etc.), so you can tween DOM elements.
shifty.queue.js: Queuing up tweens that execute sequentially.

Created by Jeremy Kahn



Shifty is a tweening engine built in JavaScript


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