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November 18, 2012

AutoSuggest | jQuery plugin for auto-completing easily

AutoSuggest is a very lightweight jQuery plugin that makes auto-completing extremely easy by turning any regular text input box into a rad auto-complete box. It will dynamically create all the HTML elements that it needs to function. You don’t need to add any extra HTML to work with this jQuery plugin. Also, it uses ZERO images! All styling is done 100% in the included CSS file.
As you type into the AutoSuggest input box, it will filter through it’s Data and “suggest” matched Data items to you. You can pass in an Object of Data to AutoSuggest or you can have it call a URL as you type to get it’s Data from. AutoSuggest will display the matched Data items in a selectable list, which is 100% customizable. You have the option of structuring the HTML elements of that list however you want via the formatList callback function.
Some notable features :-

Created by Drew Wilson



autosuggest jquery plugin

auto-completing functionality jquery plugin


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