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July 1, 2012

jEditable | Edit-in-place jquery plugin

jEditable is a jquery plugin that allows you to ,with few lines of JavaScript code ,to click and edit the content of different html elements.This jquery plugin is based on Dylan Verheul’s editableEdit.
It work when the User clicks text on web page,Block of text becomes a form. User edits contents and presses submit button. New text is sent to webserver and saved. Form becomes normal text again.
You can style input element with cssclass and style parameters. First one assumes to be name of a class defined in your CSS. Second one can be any valid style declaration as string.
You can get full control of Ajax request. Just submit to function instead of URL. Parameters passed are same as with callback.Default action of when user clicks outside of editable area is to cancel edits. You can control this by setting onblur option.
onblur : cancel Clicking outside editable area cancels changes. Clicking submit button submits changes.
Created by Mika Tuupola




Jeditable – Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery


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