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July 19, 2014

Multi-Column-Select | multiple selectable entries in a selectbox

Multi-Column-Select is a simple jQuery plugin to create multiple select box or multiple selectable dropdowns.

Example Code :-


menuclass : 'multicolumnselect', // class given to control
openmenu : 'openmenubutton', // used to toggle menu open/closed
openmenutext : 'Choose...', // Text for toggle menu button
menucontainer : 'menucontainer', // Container Class
menuitem : 'menuitem', // Item Class
idprefix : 'msc-', //Id Prefix of items eg msc-1,msc-2....
showitemtext : true //Hide/Show text from options (if using images)
openclass : 'open', // Open Class
duration : 200, // Animation Duration
multiple: false,
duration : 200

onOpen : function(){};
onClose : function(){};

Created by djsmithme



Multi-Column-Select jQuery plugin

Jquery/CSS Multi Column Select Box


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