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October 11, 2014

signfield | jQuery plugin for providing a signature field

signfield is a jQuery plugin that provides signature field as jQuery component, using either a sketch pad or an uploaded signature file.

Created by Applicius



SignField jQuery plugin

signature field

jQuery signature field

Provides signature field as jQuery component, using either a sketch pad or an uploaded signature file.

See demo.

Get started

Files of this plugin can be download from the source repository: js/ and lang/ sub-directories.

It requires jQuery 1.10+ and sketch.js.

Signature field plugin is also available as a NPM package: npm install jquery.signfield


Following scripts must be included at bottom of page body.

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="sketch.min.js"></script>

<!-- Localized messages -->
<script src="lang/jquery.signfield-en.min.js"></script>

<!-- Component script -->
<script src="js/jquery.signfield.min.js"></script>

JavaScript usage

Any element can be turned into a signature field.

Consider element thereafter as original one you want to replace with a signature field.

<div id="uniqueId" class="classes" data-name="fieldName" 
  data-max-size="2048" data-pen-tickness="3" data-pen-color="red" ></div>

Then calling $("#uniqueId").signField() will replace original element with a signature field as following (considering ${orig.x} is value of attribute x on original element).

<div id="${}" class="${orig.class}">
  <!-- If canvas is supported by browser -->
  <label class="radio sketch-radio">
    <input type="radio" name="${}-type" value="canvas" />
    <!-- + Localized label -->
  <a class="clear-canvas"><!-- Localized message --></a>

  <label class="radio file-radio">
    <input type="radio" name="${}-type" value="file" />
    <!-- + Localized label --> 
  <!-- end of if -->

  <input type="file" name="${}-file" />
  <span class="message"></span>

Canvas size is defined by CSS, you may want to enforce it so that size of sketch image data is compliant with what you expect (e.g. #uniqueId canvas { width: 200px; height: 100px } ensure sketch image is 200x100).

If signature component wants to raise an error, CSS class has-error is added to the nesting div element, and localized message written in its span.message.



.signField('addError', "errorKey", "message")

Adds and displays a custom error.

$('#signature').signField('addError', "file.error.type-unsupported", 
  "This kind of file is not supported");
// #signature should have been previously set up as signature field

If custom error is related to a selected file, then key must starts with file.error..



If there is error for a signature field, returns array of error keys or [] (if none).

var errs = $('#signature').signField('error');
// #signature should have been previously set up as signature field



Returns name of selected file if any, or null if none.

var filename = $('#signature').signField('filename')

imagedata (getter)


Returns image PNG data for a sketched signature, in data URI format if any, or null if none.

var imagedata = $('#signature').signField('imagedata')

imagedata (setter)

.signField('imagedata', dataURI)

Load PNG image from given dataURI into signature canvas (if supported).

$('#signature').signField('imagedata', aDataUri)



Returns type of selected signature, either file or canvas (or null if none).

var seltype = $('#signature').signField('selectiontype')



Fired when field value is changed, either by uploading a signature file or by sketching one.

$("#signature").on('change', function() { 
  var signature = $(this);
  // ...


When form including a signature field is submitted, either canvas image data or uploaded file is sent as field value.

A related field, suffixed with -type is also submitted, with either "canvas" or "file" as value, so that you can process signature data accordingly.

If canvas image data is submitted, then another field suffixed with -dpi is added, so that you get DPI meta data, according screen on which canvas was used.

Canvas image is submitted as PNG data, using data URI format.


Messages are provided by language pack in separate file (e.g. For english, lang/jquery.signfield-en.min.js).

If you find a language pack is missing, please file a ticket.

To customize some messages, you can redefine them in loaded language pack:

signField_I18N['sketch.label'] = "Custom label for Sketch radio button";

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