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September 1, 2012

Tags-Manager | Easily manage multiple tags

Tags-Manager is a simple solution to manage tags like in stackoverflow and many other sites.It can turn a simple input field into a tags manager with a line of code.You can also have multiple instance on the same page.And you can turn a simple input field into a tags manager with a line of code.Tags manager does try to be very humble, if you place an input field in a form, and turn it into a tag manger with the code above, a hidden input field will be added to the form and filled with a comma separated list of the tags the user entered.
When processing the user input on form submit, server side, all you have to do is manage an additional hidden field with name=”hiddenTagList”.
Tags Manager is configurable and can do few things :

prefilled: ["Pisa", "Rome"],
CapitalizeFirstLetter: true,
preventSubmitOnEnter: true,
typeahead: true,
typeaheadAjaxSource: null,
typeaheadSource: ["Pisa", "Rome", "Milan", "Florence", "New York", "Paris", "Berlin", "London", "Madrid"],
delimeters: [44, 188, 13],
backspace: [8]
blinkBGColor_1: '#FFFF9C',
blinkBGColor_2: '#CDE69C'

Created by max-favilli



tags manager jquery plugin

Easily manage multiple tags


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tags manager jquery plugin

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