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March 1, 2013

Validatr | Cross-browser html5 form validation

Validatr is a jQuery plugin for Cross Browser HTML5 Form Validation.
Validatr relies on using modern HTML5 input attributes to perform validation. Validatr will use native validation whereever possible, relying on a small piece of Modernizr to test for support. If an input type is not supported or a custom test is found Validatr will use it’s own ruleset to supplement native validation. In either case, the validation message is displayed in a corss-browser manner allowing for customization.
This jquery plugin supports the follwoing HTML5 new input types. Input types such as text, checkbox, radio, etc. are also supported, but do not require the same level of validation. Input types such as tel don’t have any validation logic in the HTML5 spec. Use the pattern attribute or create your own custom test.

Created by Jay Morrow



 Validatr jquery plugin

Cross browser html5 form


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