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August 27, 2012

Bigscreen | simple Javascript Fullscreen API lib

BigScreen is a simple library for using the JavaScript Full Screen API with size < 1Kb minified and gzipped.This javascript plugin also smoothes out a couple browser fullscreen bugs for you.It has got the following methods :- 1.BigScreen.request(element) Request that an element go into full screen. If the element is null or undefined, the documentElement will be used instead.You can only call this from a user-initiated event, otherwise the browser will deny the request. That means click, key, or touch events. 2.BigScreen.exit()

Will exit full screen. Note that if there are multiple elements in full screen, only the last one will exit full screen.


Will request full screen if there is no element in full screen, otherwise it will exit full screen.


Override to get notified when an element enters full screen. BigScreen.element will be set to the element that is entering full screen.


Override to get notified when fully exiting full screen (there are no more elements in full screen).


Set to the element that is currently displaying full screen, or null if no element is in full screen.


A boolean that will tell you if it is possible to go into full screen. If your page is in an