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December 9, 2012

Tubeplayer | jQuery plugin for html5 youtube videos

Tubelayer is a jQuery plugin to create simple embeds for youtube player in html5.
With the proliferation of mobile devices, the increasing popularity of Apple’s iPad, and Apple’s stringent requirements around the use of Flash, access to control the HTML5 player has been in great demand. This implementation was first provided for simple embeds and offered as a trial-service on YouTube itself.
The updated TubePlayer plugin takes advantage of HTML5 where possible. A new attribute iframed can be set to true or false depending on whether the iframe player should be prioritized. SWFObject is not strictly a requirement anymore, however TubePlayer has been created such that if the browser does not support HTML5 video, the flash player will be used instead. Anyone upgrading from previous versions of the TubePlayer plugin, all you have to do is replace your jQuery.tubeplayer.js file with the updated code. There is no need to worry about your implementation, as everything is backwards compatible.
The kind of things that this plugin allows the developer to simply get done are

Created by Nirvana Tikku



tubeplayer jquery plugin

youtube player for jquery


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