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October 7, 2012

Expando | jQuery plugin for text that grows on you

Expando is A jQuery plugin for making text that grows on you.
you can even customize the following :-
expansionStartColor: "#EF7A28",
expansionEndColor: "#444",
expansionBreakMargin: "25px",
colorFadeTime: 2000, //ms
breakOpenTime: 300 //ms

For expanding line breaks :-

You can add <div class='break'></div> to create line breaks that expand with their <expanded> block:

Events and programmatic control
Expanding blocks triggers a jQuery expando.expanded event that you can bind to for custom behavior.
You can programmatically expand an expander by calling expando(‘expand’) on it:
You can expand everything as well

Created by Andrew Cantino



expando jquery plugin

Text that grows on you


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