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October 4, 2014

Responsive typography

fontFlex is a Lightweight jQuery extension for dynamic / responsive font sizes.

Created by Nathan Rutzky



fontFlex jQuery plugin

responsive typography


Lightweight jQuery extension for dynamically changing font sizes according to container / browser width. Intended for use with responsive or adaptive CSS layouts.


Include the latest version of jQuery and jQuery.fontFlex.js in the <head> of your HTML document:

<script src="jQuery.min.js"></script>  
<script src="jQuery.fontFlex.js"></script>

How to Use

Define a default CSS font base by setting font-size: 1em and line-height: 150% on the body or intended element. Declaring the font-size is optional, but highly recommended in case javascript is disabled. Finally, call the plugin on said element. Live Demo:

Syntax Example

$(function() {

  // All elements
  $('body').fontFlex(14, 20, 70);

  // H1 only
  $('h1').fontFlex(24, 36, 70); 


Custom Parameters
min Minimum font-size in pixels
max Maximum font-size in pixels
mid Mid-range buffer. Values ranging from 60 to 70 produce the best results. Lower values produce a larger initial font-size, while higher values produce the opposite. Adjust accordingly to fit your requirements.

Browser Support

– Google Chrome
– Safari ( Desktop and Mobile )
– Internet Explorer ( 8, 9, 10+ )
– Firefox


If you discover any issues or have questions regarding usage, please send a message to or find me on GitHub @nathco.


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