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Nivo Lightbox

August 19, 2013

Nivo Lightbox | A simple, flexible, responsive, jQuery lightbox plugin

Nivo Lightbox is a simple, flexible, responsive, retina-ready jQuery lightbox plugin.
The Nivo Lightbox automatically detects the type of content you are trying to show and loads it correctly. No extra setup required. So no matter if you are trying to show images, image galleries, AJAX, Flash, Youtube or Vimeo videos, another website or just inline HMTL, Nivo Lightbox has you covered.

The Nivo Lightbox uses some cutting edge CSS transition effects to make your content display in as beautiful a way as possible. We employ some progressive enhancement to make the lightbox look stunning in newer browsers, but still function correctly in older browser (looking at your Internet Explorer).

This jQuery plugin is also designed to have as small an impact as possible on your page load times, so the minified version only weighs 7kb. We also created the lightbox using the latest standards and made sure that everything is semantic and as compatible as possible. Oh yes and it’s completely responsive and has support for HiDPI (retina).

Created by Dev7Studios



Nivo Lightbox

responsive popup

Nivo Lightbox

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Nivo Lightbox

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