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August 23, 2014

Blurr | jQuery Plugin to create nice blur backgrounds

Blurr is a simple jQuery Plugin to create nice blur backgrounds from an image.

Created by Tom Hallam



Blurr jQuery plugin

blur images


jQuery Plugin to create nice blur backgrounds from an image. Want to see an example? Have a look here:


Not supported, yet - Safari on Windows

Not tested - iPad


Example inclusion

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.blurr.js"></script>

How to install

First, make sure jQuery is included on the page above the inclusion of jquery.blurr.js. Then, grab yourself an image. Any size will do (TM).

Create a div, like so:

<div class="blur-this" data-href="example-image.jpg"><div>Text content inside the blur</div></div>

Note, you'll need that div inside the Blurr div. This is used by the plugin to ensure the text you enter is visible above the blurred graphic.

Now, initialise the plugin:

$(document).ready(function() {
        height: 300, // Height, in pixels of this blurred div.
        sharpness: 40, // Sharpness, as a number between 0-100. 100 is very sharp, 0 is extremely blurry
        offsetX: 0, // The x (left - right) offset of the image
        offsetY: 0, // The y (top - bottom) offset of the image
        callback: null // Callback to be called after the blur has been rendered. Recieves the following arguments (href, offsetX, offsetY, sharpness)

And sit back to watch the glory unfold.


An example is available in the root of this repository in the index.html page.


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