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April 20, 2015

CircularLoader-js | Circular progress bar using HTML5 and javascript

CircularLoader.Js is a jQuery plugin made using HTML5 and javascript to create customizable cicular progress bars with or without percentage values. It can be used to create a progress indicator. It is a fully customizable plugin which works with all browsers compatible with HTML5. It is a very easy to integrate and easy to use plugin.

Example Code:

backgroundColor: "#ffffff",//background colour of inner circle
fontColor: "#000000",//font color of progress text
fontSize: "40px",//font size of progress text
radius: 70,//radius of circle
progressBarBackground: "#cdcdcd",//background colour of circular progress Bar
progressBarColor: "#aaaaaa",//colour of circular progress bar
progressBarWidth: 25,//progress bar width
progressPercent: 0,//progress percentage out of 100
progressValue:0,//diplay this value instead of percentage
showText: true,//show progress text or not

Created by TechnoPlugin



loader progress


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