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google bubbles

April 24, 2014

Google Bubbles is a simple jQuery plugin for changing the appearance of info windows and pins on a Google map.

Example Code and Options :-


center: { lat: 36.915, lng: -95.225 }, // If you wish to use the default map, but just want to change the center

// Your own map that you created with the Google V3 API
map: myGoogleMap,

// An unlimited number of markers may be put on the map.
// Add latitudes and longitudes for where they should be placed,
// a title for each marker,
// and a content string for their corresponding info window.
// ex: [ { lat : 35.289, lng : -94.756, title : 'woot', content : 'Hello World!!' },
// { lat : 35.289, lng : -94.756, title : 'woot', content : 'Hello World!!' } ]
markers: [ { lat : 35.289,
lng : -94.756,
title: 'woot',
content : 'Hello World!!' } ],

// Custom image for the marker
markerIcon: 'images/google-maps-icon.png',

// The shadow for the marker image
markerShadow: 'images/google-maps-shadow.png',

// The info window background image (includes its own shadow if one is needed)
windowImage: 'images/google-maps-infobox.png',

// The close image/button that goes on the info window
closeImage: 'images/google-maps-close.png',

// Offsets for the position of the info window
// relative to the marker
offsetVertical: -226,
offsetHorizontal: -20,

// Width and Height of the info window background image
iwWidth: 208,
iwHeight: 165

Created by Timmy Willison



google bubbles jQuery plugin

pins on gmaps

google bubbles

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