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August 14, 2013

HeapBox | jQuery <selectbox> replacement. With events, callbacks, themes

HeapBox is a jQuery plugin that is <selectbox> replacement. With events, callbacks, themes and more.
This jQuery plugin keeps mappings to source selectboxes. It means you can use HeapBox-js and your POST/GET form requests together. Your forms will also work with javascript turned off but of course without this jquery plugin’s functionality.
Heapbox-js has very easy to learn HTML structure. It’s really easy and fast to create brand new theme. It has also built-in flat themes.

As a webdesigner/webdeveloper you know how hard it is to deal with native HTML forms look or functionality. Heapbox.js doesn’t know how to deal with textboxes, checkboxes etc but when it comes to selectboxes, it’s kick-ass.

Created by Filip Bartoš



HeapBox jquery plugin

select replacement


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