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July 4, 2014

jLayout | library for JavaScript layout algorithms

The jLayout JavaScript library provides layout algorithms for laying out components. A component is an abstraction; it can be implemented in many ways, for example as items in a HTML5 Canvas drawing or as HTML elements. The jLayout library allows you to focus on drawing the individual components instead of on how to arrange them on your screen.

The library currently provides four layout algorithms: border, which lays out components in five different regions; grid, which lays out components in a user defined grid, flex-grid which offers a grid with flexible column and row sizes, and flow which flows components in a user defined direction. Using the grid and flex-grid algorithms you can also create horizontal and vertical layouts. A jQuery plugin to lay out HTML elements is also available.

var myLayout = (…)

// lay out without resizing the container

// resize the container, then lay it out

Created by Bram Stein



jLayout javascript plugin



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