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Leroy Zoom

November 21, 2013

Leroy Zoom | An image zoom and magnify jQuery plugin

Leroy Zoom is a lightweight and easy to use image zoom and magnify jQuery plugin with less than 4 KB.
This plugin requires three versions of the same picture with different dimensions (small, medium, large). The first version (small) is shown by default and is the one which user will over the mouse to view the first-step details. Then, the user can “click to magnify” to see the second-step details of image and the large picture version is used for this.

Example Code :

zoomTop: 200, // Zoom frame distance from top in pixels
zoomLeft: 560, // Zoom frame distance from left in pixels
parent: "body", // Parent element of "leroy_zoom_frame"
preload: "Loading...", // Image loading state message
error: "Image can't be loaded." // Image error message

Created by Edison Machado



Leroy Zoom jquery plugin


Leroy Zoom

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Leroy Zoom jquery plugin

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