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December 19, 2012

Pkg-js | A jQuery plugin for chrome packaged apps

Pkg-js a jQuery plugin that allows you to communicate between pages using a combination of PostMessages and PubSub (commonly referred to as the “Observer” pattern). In short, it allows you to send messages between pages passing parameters (complex objects are fine), and then respond to those parameters.
Chrome Packaged Applications have a raised security policy that prohibits many of the tools that you are used to using in standard web development. For instance, you are not allowed to use inline script, do dynamic evaluation of code . Removing core language features like this can make development seem frustrating. Google has provided an “escape hatch” for you called the sandbox. You have a lot more freedom in the sandbox, but you cannot communicate with the Chrome Packaged App API’s.

Created by Burke Holland



pkg-js jQuery plugin

jQuery plugin for Chrome packaged apps.


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pkg-js jQuery plugin

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