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March 19, 2015

A jQuery plugin for interactive site help

SiteHelp-js is a simple to use jQuery plugin for an interactive site help to show the user around your website.
SiteHelp.Js is a very helpful Javascript plugin made using jQuery to provide interactive site help. Sometimes it happens that a user visits a webpage and he totally helpless as where to navigate next. SiteHelp.js helps such users by navigating them to the important sections or html elements of a website and provide some help guidelines which they could have missed otherwise. It simply creates a virtual tour of the website.

It is very simple and easy to integrate this plugin in an existing website as it is very light weight, just a small javascript code with no images or extra css files. Also it does not requires much coding skills, it requires just few parameters to be initialized and the rest it will mange on its own. For more usage tutorial and customizations of this jQuery plugin you can visit the Documentation section of this website. Below mentioned are some features of this plugin.

Example Code:

HelpModel: [{ selector: ".selector1", text: "Help text for selector1" },
{ selector: ".selector2", text: "Help text for selector2" },
{ selector: "#selector3", text: "Help text for selector3" },
{ selector: "#selector4", text: "Help text for selector4" },]

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SiteHelp-js jQuery plugin

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