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December 9, 2012

SlickQuiz | jQuery plugin to create pretty,dynamic quizzes

SlickQuiz is a simple to use jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes.
This jQuery plugin has got the following options :-

You can manage your quizzes using a content management system.Simply translate your CMS quiz data into a JSON object formatted like “quizJSON” in js/slickQuiz-config.js. Then assign it as the quizJSON variable instead of loading js/slickQuiz-config.js.
$(function () {
$('#slickQuiz').slickQuiz({json: {YOUR_JSON_HERE}});

Alternatively, you can pass the JSON right into the plugin using the “json” option (useful if you are placing multiple quizzes on a page):
Created by Julie Bellinson



SlickQuiz jquery plugin

create pretty , dynamic quizzes


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