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Responsive Carousel

September 19, 2012

Responsive Carousel jQuery plugin

Responsive Carousel is A jQuery-based script for responsive carousels that work with mouse, touch, and keyboard.
This jquery plugin create slides switch immediately with “Prev” and “Next” buttons. It has got several slide transition options (among other extensions—see) like the slide/drag transition, which you can apply by adding a data attribute and including some additional CSS.
There are a range of transition, interaction and display extensions in the src folder, such as a fade transition, touch-draggable slide and flip transitions, autoplay, keyboard handling, pagination, and even an extension that automatically adjusts the number of visible elements per slide, depending on the viewport dimensions.
If you’d like to create a build that includes certain extensions, your can add them to the JS files listed under concat in the /grunt.js file, and run grunt from a command line (you’ll need Grunt and Node.js installed on your machine for this to work). Be sure to include the relevant CSS files to match the JS features you choose.

Created by Filament Group




jquery plugin for responsive carousel

Responsive Carousel

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