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Responsive Elements

September 23, 2013

Responsive Elements | Adapt your elements accorgin to element width

Responsive elements is a jQuery plugin that makes it possible for any element to adapt and respond to the area they occupy. It’s a tiny javascript library that you can drop into your projects today.It works by attaching classes to hold information. They tell you how big your element is. Classes are prepended with either ‘lt’ or ‘gt’ which stand for ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’. These classes always reflect the real width of the element. That is what makes responsive elements possible.
You can also Optionally declare start, end and interval values on your data-respond attribute to control breakpoints generation
A class of ‘gt300’ means the element has a width ‘greater than’ 300 pixels.You can then style your css as

.quote.gt300 {background: red}

Created by Kumail Hunaid.



Responsive Elements

breakpoint jquery plugin

Responsive Elements

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